21The bi trend: Open mindedness or trivialization?
Issue 21 | Fall 2012
by Jessica Caruso
Historically, humans have been attracted to people of both sexes, but you may be wondering if this phenomenon may be some kind of trend. Indeed, young people increasingly see bisexual behaviours in the media, among their friends or in pornographic material. Therefore, we could ask ourselves the following question: Is this so-called ‘bi’ trend a celebration of diversity and sexual freedom or simply a method used by the media to attract young heterosexual consumers who have always fantasized about sex between women (Diamond, 2005)?
Whether we like it or not, bisexual behaviour (for instance, two girls kissing or threesome sex) is an option that is more common than ever among teens today. The frequent messages promoting bisexual behaviours can cause adolescents to feel confused about their own sexual orientation and the behaviours they should or should not adopt. As we shall see, young people face pressure to adhere to this trend, and close to 60% of youth have felt such pressure. Some teens who engage in bisexual behaviours later regret having done so, while others take advantage of these experiences to get to know themselves better and to situate themselves within the broad spectrum of sexual orientation. Therefore, to deal with the pressure, it is important that young people can differentiate bisexual orientation from bisexual behaviours.

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1Activity 1
Bi… what? Myths and realities of bisexuality

Team reflexion on facts and fiction associated to bisexuality.

Pedagogical goals:
• To understand bisexuality as a sexual orientation.
• To know the main characteristics of bisexuality.
• To be aware of the prejudices people have regarding bisexual orientation.

For secondary IV and V students

45 minutes
2Activity 2
Between image and reality: Bisexual behaviours in the media

Team reflexion on how bisexual behaviour is represented in the media.

Pedagogical goals:
• Become aware of the influence of the media on perceptions of the bisexual orientation
• Distinguish bisexual orientation from bisexual behaviour.
• Become aware of the pressure on adolescents exerted by the media (and ultimately, by their peers) to  follow the bi trend.

For secondary IV and V students

45 minutes
3Activity 3
Bisexuality and Popularity

Discussion about bisexuality and the stakes involved in bisexual behaviours.

Pedagogical goals:
• Make adolescents aware of the implications of engaging in bisexual behaviours.
• Make known what’s at stake in situations involving bisexual behaviours. 
• Promote self-respect in all situations in which there is social pressure to adopt bisexual behaviours.

For secondary IV and V students

45 minutes
The bi trend: Open mindedness or trivialization?
Issue 21 - Fall 2012 - by Jessica Caruso
Sommaire du numéro EN
No 20 – The bi trend: Open mindedness or trivialization?

This issue covers the following topics, among others: 
  •  What is bisexuality, exactly?
  •  Since when has bisexuality been a topic of conversation?
  •  Bisexuality : A continuum
  •  Bisexuality : A common sexual orientation?
  •  Bisexuality : An orientation that varies
  •  Bisexuality and unfaithfulness : A persistent prejudice
  •  Myths about people of bisexual orientation
  •  Bisexual behaviours among teens
  •  Bisexual behaviours in the media
  •  Teens and the bi trend
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